The 3rd Trimester ‘rainbow’ Stork Bag - The Stork Bag
The 3rd Trimester ‘rainbow’ Stork Bag - The Stork Bag

The 3rd Trimester ‘rainbow’ Stork Bag

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*Please note, we've updated the look of this bag to a satin blend drawstring bag. 

The 3rd trimester Rainbow Stork Bag.

Please read full description below before ordering. 


The Stork Bag® is happy to introduce The Rainbow Stork Bag™ just for expectant moms who have miscarried or endured a loss in pregnancy and are now expecting again. This Stork Bag comes with between 8-12 different products geared toward the 3rd trimester of pregnancy for mom. Unlike the regular 1st Trimester Stork Bag, this Stork Bag includes a special keepsake for mom to cherish the memories of her rainbow pregnancy. The Rainbow Stork Bag™ is exclusive to The Stork Bag® brand. We also have 1st and 2nd trimester Rainbow Stork Bags available in our shop, as well as Rainbow PostBump (Postpartum) Bags.

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What is a Rainbow Baby/Pregnancy?

A Rainbow baby/pregnancy is a pregnancy occurring or baby born soon after a mother suffers a miscarriage, still birth, or neonatal death.

Why is it called ‘Rainbow’?

These pregnancies/babies are referred to as a ‘Rainbow’ because it is symbolic of hope. The symbolism follows the real world cause and effect of a beautiful rainbow coming soon after a storm.

The above product image is for visual purposes only and does NOT depict the actually products in this bag.