Limited Quantity: The Postbump Bag–(Postpartum Bag)™

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Important update: All Stork Bags are now produced in small batches therefore quantities will be limited. Once the monthly quantity is reached, Stork Bags will be sold out until the following month. 

The 4th Trimester Stork Bag (PostBump Bag):

The PostBump Bag™ is a reusable bag pre-filled with items every new mommy will love! Each PostBump Bag™ has items ranging from the latest beauty must haves to top rated (by moms of course) postnatal recovery products. Each PostBump Bag™ also includes something special for the new baby! 

If you’re looking for the PERFECT gift for a new mommy, look no more!

If you want to treat yourself to something nice, The PostBump Bag™ is the treat you NEED and DESERVE!

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