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Spoil An Amazing Mom-To-Be: The Best Way To Make Any Pregnant Woman Feel Loved!

The Stork bag - Spoiling Your Favorite Mama-To-Be: Our Favorite Ways To Make Any Pregnant Woman Feel Good!

 Pregnancy is tough, like really tough. As if growing human life isn’t hard enough, it also makes you feel nauseous, tired and really huge, just to name a few things. And let’s be honest, the baby showers are fun but they are mostly about the baby and all the things the baby needs. So today, we want to talk about how to spoil the new mom-to-be! If you know a pregnant woman in your life, now is the time to pamper her. Here are our favourite ways to accomplish this task!

Pamper her with a Spa Day: What’s better than having someone else paint your toenails when you can’t reach them anymore?  A trip to the spa would be a wonderful way to make her feel like a queen!  Manicures, pedicures, and massages- oh my! If you can’t join her, grab a gift card to her favorite place and send her there or some much-needed pampering. If you are still what to do, check out our Goddess spa line, by the Barefoot Venus–sure to excite any mom to be.

Hire a little “help”: The only thing worse than cleaning your house at any given time, is cleaning the house when you are pregnant. Feeling exhausted and not being as agile as you once were, makes cleaning a bigger chore than ever before.  Help a pregnant mama out by hiring her some help to clean! There are many verified, local cleaning companies in your area, or indepdent cleaners.  Or better yet, send her to the spa while the work is being done!

Meal Train has arrived early: We have all heard about the meal help that new parents truly need once the baby has come, but what about meals before? Help out a new mom, particularly if she already has other kids, by offering to come over and cook her dinner! Or better yet, just bring over dinner. Let her put her feet up and enjoy some down time!  Be sure to make extra so there are leftovers for another time she is too tired to cook.

Pre-Baby Getaway: Hitting the road with a few friends might be just the thing a pregnant woman needs to get some major rest and relaxation! Plan a fun trip before baby comes for a couple of days: head to the beach, hit the mountains or just rent a cabin to for the girls for a few days! Serve some mocktails and create wonderful memories for her, before baby arrives!

Order her The Stork Bag: We definitely saved the best for last.  In our eyes, there is no better way to spoil any pregnant mama than by getting her one (or more) of our gift boxes from The Stork Bag!  These bags will take the guess work out of gifting because each bag is tailored to fit her exact needs based on her trimester of pregnancy. From teas to belly butters- we have everything she could possibly need, and more!  And don’t forget to continue the spoiling with the Post Bump Bag for after the baby’s arrival!

What are your favorite ways to spoil a pregnant mama-to-be? Let us know in the comments below! Reach out to us at with your comments.

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