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Tips from a New Mom: The Top 5 Things To Bring To The Hospital When You Deliver

The Stork Bag - Tips From A New Mom: The Top 5 Things To Bring To The Hospital When You Deliver

*This guest post from The Stork Bag archives was contributed by Arika B.*

I have a problem. I am a chronic over-packer. So when it came to delivering my first child my bag was absolutely full of a million things I didn’t need, and as it turned out, a couple key items that I did. From a recent new mother to a mommy to be, here are the top 5 things you will want to have in your bag for the big delivery day!

1. Lip Balm!

Hospitals are notoriously dry, and while I was in the hospital I couldn’t get enough of my lip balm to prevent painful chapped lips! You also lose a lot of fluids during delivery. Some hospitals provide you with some, but just in case they don’t, it’s a really good idea to bring your own.  The Stork Bag recommends organic lip balm made from shea butter or coconut oil, formulated without any harmful chemicals.

2. A Big Fluffy Towel (and Shower Supplies)

After labor, there are few things in this world that can make you feel more human than a shower. I will always remember that first shower after I had my son, it was glorious! But then, I realized that the towels supplied were basically glorified wash cloths—they were thin and I swear I needed about 5 of them to wrap around my head. Okay, that’s definitely an exaggeration but you will thank yourself if you remember to pack your own towel! Plus, there is nothing like your own towel. On that same note, it’s a good idea to bring your own shower items like shampoo and conditioner. Anything that will help you feel like yourself again goes a long way!

3. Breastfeeding Pillow

Whether or not you plan on breastfeeding, a pillow like the Boppy Pillow or My Breast Friend is great to bring to the hospital with you. I personally had the Boppy Pillow and loved it. It made it easier for my family to cradle the baby for long periods of time and was key in my breastfeeding success. If you’re bottle feeding, it certainly helps make everything a lot more comfy! Your partner will love being able to get involved too. This is especially true, if you have a tender C-section incision.

4. Comfortable Clothes

I greatly overestimated how I would feel post-delivery. I expected my stomach to magically shrink down, and was really surprised at how much even soft elastic waist bands bothered me. Things really hurt down there for quite a few days. I practically lived in a night gown with a henley style snap closure at the breast. I suggest long maxi dresses, depending upon the weather in your area at the time of your delivery.

5. Various Sized Outfits for Baby

Now, I’m not saying pack your babies entire wardrobe (although it is tempting! So many cute baby things!). But I speak from experience when I say that having one outfit that is Preemie sized, one newborn, and one 0-3 is a good idea. I thought for sure that I would be covered with the latter two, but my little man was petite. Perfect, but petite so he needed an emergency outfit from the gift shop in a preemie size. The doctor’s are not always right when they guess the baby’s size.

These are the things that I found super useful at the hospital. In truth, I didn’t need half of what I packed. What was your experience? What did you find most useful when you delivered?

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Preparing For Delivery: 6 Things You Must Have & Must Know

The Stork Bag - Preparing For Delivery: 6 Things You Must Have & Must Know

Time For Baby!  It seemed like this day would never come. Almost 1 year of waiting and the time has finally arrived– time for baby to make their debut! But wait, what are the things you need to know that no one really talks about? And what do you absolutely NEED in your hospital bag? We’ve talked to several mommies and complied a list of 6 Things You Must Have & Must Know to prepare for delivery. Here they are:

Why don’t people talk about the pain that comes along with your uterus contracting back to its normal size?  Ok, so not to scare any of you lovely first-time mommies right off the bat, but yes, there is pain that comes even after you’ve delivered your bundle of joy. While this pain seems to vary amongst mothers, it is very real and you should know that it is also completely normal. Most moms opt for some over the counter pain meds to relieve this pain while some moms just “deal with it”. Either way, you should know that postpartum contracting does happen.

BYOP: Bring Your Own Pads!  Unless you want to use the hospital provided feminine pads that are oddly shaped and ill contoured, it feels much better to wear your own pads that are specifically contoured to fit your panties and allows you to feel more comfortable. Our advice: pack your own pads and make sure they are the extra absorbency, overnight pads.

Get Those Bowels Moving!  Childbirth can be a beautiful thing but there is also a less appealing, behind-the-scenes side to it too, and this is one of them. Most doctors require you to have a bowel movement in the hospital before going home. S ome women resort to stool softeners to help the process. Although your delivery environment and doctor or midwife may have different practices, postpartum constipation is a real thing and often occurs as a result of stretched stomach muscles, lack of food intake and can even be as result of fear. Either way, fiber is your friend and this is totally normal.

Don’t Forget The Wipes: Hemorrhoid wipes that is. They come in handy and believe us, while some hospitals provide them to new moms, some do not. So packing your own would be very beneficial post-delivery, and is highly recommended.

A Little Tube of Heaven: While this necessity may seem like more of a want than a need, I think all moms can agree that chap stick is definitely needed! Think about that fact that during labor you can’t eat, some doctors don’t allow you to even drink water… so, your mouth will get dry and lips will become chapped and this could all be very uncomfortable. Having some chap stick nearby might prove to be very helpful.

Take Advantage of Help: You’ve waited so long to meet your new love and those little fingers and toes aren’t going to kiss themselves right? Right, but get some rest! It’s really important that you get as much rest as you can, your body has just been through the workout of a lifetime and you probably haven’t had a good sleep in a long time so we say, take advantage of the help offered to you. It’s sometimes hard to let baby out of your sight, but the importance of mommy getting some much needed rest is paramount. You probably won’t be sleeping peacefully for some time, so don’t pass up any opportunities for rest.

We hope that this blog post has helped you before and after delivery. As with everything relating to your pregnancy and childbirth, we always advise you to speak with your healthcare professional about any concerns or questions you may have regarding your pregnancy and delivery.