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Erick N. Perry, Founder of The Stork Bag® Ericka N. Perry, Founder of The Stork Bag®

Mom-Owned, Mom-Run, Mom-Created – for Moms!

The Stork Bag® is a subsidiary of MommyMaiDD, Inc. As you might already be able to see, The Stork Bag® is a company steeped in appreciation of the miracle that is Motherhood.

When Ericka N. Perry, CEO of The Stork Bag®, a Mother herself, envisioned The Stork Bag®, she wanted to be able to create a reusable gift bag filled with useful products, to bring a smile to mothers all across America and across the world.

Launched in 2014, The Stork Bag has been a phenomenal success. Hundreds of mothers have left glowing testimonials about the Stork Bags they received at their doorsteps. Each recipient of The Stork Bag® has the ability to receive Stork Bags specifically synchronized with their Trimester dates and due dates.

Going from strength to strength, The Stork Bag has continuously kept innovating its product line, adding the PostBump Bag™ and also coming up with wildly successful branded products such the Bellie Bands™Bellie Butter™Bodie Butter™The Bellie Casting Kit™, Stork Nail Polish™ and also pregnancy and postpartum journals. In July 2021, The Stork Bag rebranded and reimagined the business model to include small-batch products with a focus on artisan, high-quality ingredients. 

When you gift yourself or gift an expectant or new mother The Stork Bag, you also support a critical ecosystem of entrepreneurs and inventors who are all hard-working moms themselves.

At The Stork Bag, we strive to put a smile on the face of all mothers who receive our Stork Bags. We want our bags to only have the best and most useful products. Drop us a line with your thoughts about what you like and what you don’t like so much in your Stork Bags. We always use your feedback to send out better Stork Bags!

Contact us: hello@thestorkbag.com

The Stork Bag® is a registered trademark of MommyMaiDD Services, Inc.

“I highly recommend The Stork Bag! It is the perfect care package for pregnant women.” – Marianne DiGiovanni, D.O. OBGYN Physician and Department Chair of OBGYN at Virtua Hospital, Voorhees, NJThank you for supporting a mom-owned, mom-run, and mom-created company!