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Baby Shower Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for Guests and Hosts


We have been giving our readers lots of tips on how to have the best Baby Shower or how to have a Baby Shower on a budget but we haven’t talked about Baby Shower Etiquette.

 Baby showers are joyous occasions that celebrate the imminent arrival of a precious little one. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, it’s important to be mindful of baby shower etiquette. In this guide, we will cover the essential dos and don’ts for both guests and hosts, helping you navigate the event with grace and consideration. From RSVPs and gift-giving to hosting responsibilities and fostering inclusivity, let’s explore the key aspects of baby shower etiquette.

RSVP Promptly: As a guest, it is crucial to RSVP as soon as possible. This allows the host to plan and make necessary arrangements. Responding promptly also shows respect for the host’s efforts in organizing the event.

Follow the Registry: When selecting a gift for the expectant parents, it’s advisable to consult the baby registry, if available. The registry helps guests choose items the parents need or prefer, ensuring practicality and avoiding duplicates.

Respect Budgets: Guests should be mindful of their budget when selecting a gift. It’s not the price tag that matters but the thought behind it. Choose something meaningful and within your means.

Arrive on Time: Punctuality is important for both guests and hosts. Arriving on time demonstrates respect for the event and allows the shower to proceed smoothly according to the planned schedule.

Assist the Host: If you are attending as a guest, offer to help the host with any necessary tasks, such as setting up decorations, arranging food, or cleaning up afterward. A helping hand is always appreciated.

Be Inclusive: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all guests. Avoid excluding anyone or engaging in conversations that might make others uncomfortable. Celebrate the diversity among attendees.

Mind Your Behavior: Guests should be mindful of their behavior and avoid excessive drinking or inappropriate conduct. Remember, the focus of the event is on celebrating the expectant parents and their baby. You definitely do not want to be excluded from future gatherings just because you made a bad impression. A Baby Shower is also not the right place to act like you are celebrating in a bar.

Thank the Host: Express gratitude to the host for organizing the baby shower. A simple thank-you note or a heartfelt verbal appreciation goes a long way in acknowledging their efforts.

Consider Dietary Restrictions: As a host, be mindful of guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences when planning the menu. Offer a variety of food options to accommodate different needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.

Plan Engaging Activities: As a host, plan enjoyable activities and games that are inclusive and considerate of the expectant parents’ preferences. Avoid games that may make guests uncomfortable or put them on the spot.

Keep the Focus on the Parents-to-Be: Remember that the baby shower is about celebrating the expectant parents and their journey. Keep the conversations and activities centered around them and the upcoming arrival of their little one.

Respect the Parents’ Wishes: If the parents have specified any particular requests or preferences for the baby shower, respect and adhere to them. This could include cultural traditions, gift preferences, or specific event details.

 By following these baby shower etiquette guidelines, both guests and hosts can contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. From prompt RSVPs and thoughtful gift-giving to creating an inclusive atmosphere and respecting the parents’ wishes, practicing proper etiquette ensures that the focus remains on celebrating the expectant parents and their growing family. Let kindness, consideration, and joy be the guiding principles as you participate in and host baby showers.

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Don’t forget that a Baby Shower is about celebrating a new beginning.


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