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Should Pregnant Women Get Mother’s Day Gifts?

The Stork Bag - Should-Pregnant-Women-Get-Mothers-Day-Gifts

Many have asked, “should I buy a gift for expectant moms?” Our answer is yes, but there are restrictions. Here are some common questions/scenarios.

  1. Typically women don’t announce their pregnancy until at least 12 weeks in. This is because the risk of loss drastically decreases. With that said, purchasing a nice gift for the mom-to-be is perfectly fine and also encouraged. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the woman’s body changes and is bombarded with hormones, causing her to feel icky. Gifting her with not only show her that you care, but will also bring joy to her during a time that most aren’t feeling their best. For gift buying ideas click here.
  2. I know she’s pregnant but no one else does. In this case, you probably don’t want to buy her a gift. You wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag before she’s ready, right? If the woman is pregnant for the first-time and is very early in her pregnancy, its best to keep gifting at a minimum. Click here for a great gift idea.
  3. She’s not technically a mother yet but she’ll be delivering soon. She went through 9 months of pregnancy growing a little human (sometimes more than 1), while still carry on her daily life…She’s a mother and deserves to be pampered!
  4. What type of gift do you buy a first-time mom-to-be? You buy her something that SHE can enjoy. Mother’s Day is a special day to moms because throughout the year moms usually give, give, give selflessly. Mother’s Day is a time to give back to her, so when shopping for the pregnant woman be sure to purchase something for HER! Click here to find the perfect gift for under $50.

For gift buying ideas for every price range, visit our shop to checkout our many options. As always, our multiple gift boxes are the perfect gift to buy a pregnant woman so that she can be pampered during her entire pregnancy! All Stork Bag purchases come with a handwritten note!

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