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Tips For The Nursing Mama

The Stork Bag - Tips For The Nursing Mama

Before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy I always thought

I would be a breastfeeding mom. By breastfeeding mom, I meant a nursing
mom. It always appealed to me and was something I had my mind set on
doing even before day one. I can honestly say going into pregnancy and
motherhood I had unrealistic expectations as to what it took to be a
nursing mother. Shortly after delivering we had tons of issues with
nursing, overactive let down, shallow latch, etc. I quickly was no
longer apart of the “nursing mom” group but became a part of the “pumping
mom” group. It was a long sixteen-month journey and something I was
completely unprepared for. Here are some tips I wish I had known before
endeavoring on my pumping journey:
• Don’t stress, it is very overwhelming knowing your actual output and
stressing will always make it worse
• Stay hydrated! This is very important and keep away from pop and
caffeine. One cup of coffee won’t kill you
• Supplementing doesn’t make you a bad mom, any amount of breast milk is
• Find a comfortable hands free pumping bra (it will change your life)
• Coconut oil is your best friend! Lather your nipples up, before,
during and after pumping to save them from cracking
• Watch out for teas that enhance milk production. Fenugreek and goats
rue can cause bloating, cramping and gas in little ones (don’t dump the
milk if you notice this happen, save it for milk baths)
• Don’t get lazy, pump every three hours the first three months this is
critical time in developing your supply, yes even at night. You will be
• Mastitis will be your biggest enemy, if you get it don’t freak out,
you can continue your pumping journey, I did

Lastly, one of the best tips that I can give to a pumping mom is be
proud of yourself. Pumping is not fun, it never will be fun and yes, your
pump will be screaming random things at you during your 3am pumping
sessions (donut run, donut run, donut run) but it’ll all be worth it. I
promise. Best of luck to you at whatever phase of your journey you are