Tips For Surviving A Road Trip With a Baby or Toddler

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Written by The Stork Bag Team

January 11, 2017

***This article from our archives was contributed by a Stork Bag blog reader.***

My Fiancé and I learned early on that long car rides with our toddler, just listening to the radio and napping here and there wasn’t going to work without having something for her to do. So if you like to travel or are thinking about taking a car trip with your baby/toddler here are some things to bring along in your tote bag to help keep your baby/toddler occupied.

1. Portable DVD Player and lots of movies

2. Drinks/Snacks of choice

3. Tablet/Learning Games

4. Favorite Doll/Toy

5. Books

Even when we are just riding in the car locally, I keep some of these handy! Comment below some of your road trip must haves for your little one.

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