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Favorite Items To Keep In Your Handbag When You’re Expecting

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Guest blogger: Arika of The Home Gnomes

There’s usually a good chance that you can identify a pregnant woman, even if she’s not showing, by the contents of her handbag. These items could also make a really cute gift idea for a friend who just found out she will be expecting a delivery from the stork!

Since skin is easily burned during pregnancy, it’s always a good idea to carry a travel sized sunscreen. Just make sure you choose one that is free from harmful chemicals and use one that has enough SPF.

Also in every pregnant woman’s bag should be a water bottle. Since your water needs go way up, avoid dehydration by always keeping a BPA free bottle near you. Don’t keep it out of sight, you’ll remember to drink more if it’s near you!

If you’re one of the unlucky ones plagued by morning sickness we love the concept of keeping a morning sickness combatant kit in your purse. Stock a cute zippered bag with your favorite things that help. My favorites were lemon Jolly Ranchers, Preggie Pops, an essential oil blend in a roller of lavender and sandalwood. Just in case the prevention methods fail, keep a gallon sized Ziploc bag rolled up and breath mints for good measure. Don’t be like me. I got sick in a Wal-Mart Aisle and I wasn’t prepared. Goodbye, plastic bowl. It was disgusting.

This one is extremely important; DON’T FORGET SNACKS. Good, nutrition-packed snacks. It’s important to keep your energy levels up and there is nothing more terrifying than a hangry pregnant woman. Nothing. Seriously. Don’t be that woman.

Pregnancy brain is a very, very real affliction. Mine unfortunately resulted into frequently forgetting to take my prenatal vitamin (please don’t tell my doctor!). Get a jump on this by putting some in your purse, ideally in a place where they won’t get lost and you’ll see them and remember to take them if you happened to forget that day.

Ok, fair warning. Can we get a little T.M.I for a minute? Yes? Okay, great. Cause, real talk, vaginas do some very strange things when you’re pregnant. I was, more frequently than I care to admit, asking how it produced that gross stuff that ended up in my underwear. So, on that note, don’t forget the panty liners.

This item is honestly my favorite on the list, but I saved the best for last. Considerably more sentimental than the rest of the items, we love The Stork Bag’s Pregnancy Journal. This beautiful journal allows you to remember this amazing journey–details that you would otherwise forget (dang that pregnancy brain!).

With Love,

The Home Gnomes

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