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Potty Training Tips

The Stork Bag - Potty Training Tips

As first time parents, you are probably wondering how can you get your little one to use the bathroom on their own. Well, check out some of the tips we have to get the ball rolling and to gradually work your toddler up to the stage of being comfortable enough to use the bathroom on their own.

  1. Buy a potty chair that’s fun and interesting for your little one. (try one with their favorite character)
  2. Try placing the chair in a room where your child spends most of their time (it doesn’t have to be placed in the bathroom)
  3. Practice by getting your little one comfortable with their chair. Let him/her sit on it with their clothes on and then without.
  4. Whenever your toddler has a bowel movement in the diaper, let them see you dump it out into the potty. This helps them learn where it should go.
  5. Allow your little one to join you in the bathroom to watch you go. This also helps them grasp the concept of going.
  6. Last, but not least… have some patience, as parents we hope that one day when we are ready and feel like it’s time for our little ones to take that big step and potty on their own, they should. Well, not quite! But in no time, they will have it down pack.
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