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What Every First Time Pregnant Mom Should Know

What Every First Time Pregnant Mom Should Know

*This article from our archives was written by The Stork Bag Founder, Ericka Perry*

I am so excited to be doing another post for The Stork Bag and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and make some mommas out there happy. Hope you guys are doing good out there, this one is for all the first time mamas. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing, so enjoy it while it lasts! However, here is what I feel you should know from the time you see that double line on the test kit and you call out to your hubby “Honey! We’re having a baby!” Oops! Don’t get it wrong girl: you and your partner are having a baby alright, but it’s you who’s going to carry the baby to term.

1. I can’t stress this enough: you are pregnant and not your partner – just you hun (you will understand once the nausea starts to kick in and most especially when labor cramps sets in.)

2. This is sad, but you can kiss your wine and cigarettes good bye for at least 9 months.

3. Get ready to know the types of pillows and their uses. Trust me when I say that one size does not fit all. You will need different types of pillows for every stage of your pregnancy, including special ones that you will need after delivery.

4. You get to develop a superhuman sense of smell. Suddenly, it will seem like every smell is twice as strong – especially the sharp or repulsive ones!

5. Do yourself a favour get a new bra now (preferably a sports bra; thank me later). You might have to go up to two sizes bigger during your pregnancy, and no I am not joking.

6.Get a good massage oil (personally I love argon) and have your partner help you out, or if you can budget for it, I highly recommend a visit to a good masseuse or the spa.

7. Squeeze half a lemon into cool water and be sure to take it everywhere with you. This refreshing drink will come in handy throughout your pregnancy.

8. During my pregnancy, I couldn’t get enough natural lemon scent – I loved having them around the house. Find a scent that works for your and indulge in it.

9. Don’t ask any moms too many questions or specifics about their birthing experience – trust me when I say that you don’t want to know all of the details.

10. There are lots of helpful apps to help you manager your pregnancy, so be sure to try a few and find one that works for you

The good news is that for 9 months you don’t have to worry about period cramps – but you will have more serious stuff to worry about. Sorry!

It’s an experience that can be explained but is best experienced. It’s a life changing journey, and one that comes with inexplicable joy at the end.

Congratulations to all first time moms out there – your joy is right around the corner!

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