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What Should I name my Baby?


Dear Darla,

I am 7 months pregnant and we still don’t have a name for the baby. What should we do? We just can’t seem to agree on what the baby should be named.

What are your thoughts?

Soraya, 24, Austin, TX


Dear Soraya,

Finding a name for your new baby can be a challenge at times. Some parents want to be extremely unique like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who named their daughter North West, and others want to keep baby names simple and classic like Madison or Peter. No one way is right or wrong. As parents you have complete control over what your baby should be named. With that being said, there are a few considerations you might want to keep in mind when thinking of a name for your baby.

         Although you want to pick a name you consider beautiful and unique, remember not all people will have the same opinions as you. If you are someone who can be easily swayed by the ideas of others, try to keep your desired names private and make the decision on your own or with your partner. However, consider how the name you choose will be received by others because some names can cause your child to be teased or bullied in school. For example, there have been parents who have named their kids “Lemon” or “Godblessamerica.” These names may be meaningful to you, but you might be setting up your child for a world of torment as they grow older.

         The other thing to consider, is the impact that your name will have on your child.

Have you noticed that Usain “BOLT” ended up being the fastest man on earth? Or Lonzo BALL ended up becoming an NBA superstar? These may not always be coincidences. Remember, whatever you name your child will be what you are constantly professing into their lives. If you have a baby boy and decide to name him “Havoc” you will constantly be reminding him of being aggressive and unorganized. However, a name like, “Peace” will profess positive attributes onto your child. Although there is no scientific proof behind personality traits developing because of a chosen name, the meaning behind your child’s name is an important factor to consider. When you are searching for a name make sure to look up its meaning and see if it resonates with you.

         Another important consideration is thinking about the nicknames that will come from that chosen name. Oftentimes parents fall in love with a name, but do not consider that no one will ever call them that because there is a shorter version of that name that everyone will use instead. For example, do you like the name Natalie? Yes? Ok, but do you like the name Nat. Most likely everyone around this child will begin calling her Nat, so choose wisely about which nicknames will arise for their given name.

         If you are having trouble finding inspiration for a name, try to search your family tree. Consider someone special in your family or in your life and see if you like their name or possibly their middle name. Make sure you are choosing someone you have fond memories with or someone inspirational to you. Consider your side of the family, as well as your partner’s side of the family.

         So now you have narrowed down your options to a few names. To truly see if that name fits you and your family, say the names out loud often. Try to see how the name fits in with other people in your immediate family. See how that name rolls off your tongue and if it feels comfortable when you say it.

Regardless of the name you choose, it is how you treat your child that will impact whether they love or hate the name.

Best of Luck,

Love Darla.