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Tips For The Nursing Mama

The Stork Bag - Tips For The Nursing Mama

Before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy I always thought

I would be a breastfeeding mom. By breastfeeding mom, I meant a nursing
mom. It always appealed to me and was something I had my mind set on
doing even before day one. I can honestly say going into pregnancy and
motherhood I had unrealistic expectations as to what it took to be a
nursing mother. Shortly after delivering we had tons of issues with
nursing, overactive let down, shallow latch, etc. I quickly was no
longer apart of the “nursing mom” group but became a part of the “pumping
mom” group. It was a long sixteen-month journey and something I was
completely unprepared for. Here are some tips I wish I had known before
endeavoring on my pumping journey:
• Don’t stress, it is very overwhelming knowing your actual output and
stressing will always make it worse
• Stay hydrated! This is very important and keep away from pop and
caffeine. One cup of coffee won’t kill you
• Supplementing doesn’t make you a bad mom, any amount of breast milk is
• Find a comfortable hands free pumping bra (it will change your life)
• Coconut oil is your best friend! Lather your nipples up, before,
during and after pumping to save them from cracking
• Watch out for teas that enhance milk production. Fenugreek and goats
rue can cause bloating, cramping and gas in little ones (don’t dump the
milk if you notice this happen, save it for milk baths)
• Don’t get lazy, pump every three hours the first three months this is
critical time in developing your supply, yes even at night. You will be
• Mastitis will be your biggest enemy, if you get it don’t freak out,
you can continue your pumping journey, I did

Lastly, one of the best tips that I can give to a pumping mom is be
proud of yourself. Pumping is not fun, it never will be fun and yes, your
pump will be screaming random things at you during your 3am pumping
sessions (donut run, donut run, donut run) but it’ll all be worth it. I
promise. Best of luck to you at whatever phase of your journey you are

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A Keepsake Keeper

The Stork Bag - A Keepsake Keeper

***This article from our archives was contributed by The Stork Bag’s founder, Ericka Perry.***

I recall quite fondly the big plans I had for documenting the birth and the joyous (yet exhausting) early years of my children. Oh! The adorable baby books and monthly pictures next to the same stuffed animal I’d take, the scrapbooks and photo books and especially the witty family holiday newsletter. Most importantly there was beloved Pinterest which contained every cute idea under the sun and moon and back!

Sleepless nights, long days, diaper changing galore and let’s just say most of my crafty chronicles didn’t occur exactly as imagined. I barely got the Christmas cards mailed by New Year’s Day my first year as a mom and the baby books collected dust. I kept telling myself I’d get to it all soon and I chugged along. I think I can, I think I can…but truth be told, I never did. At least I managed to write milestones on the calendar, so there would be something to look back on with a fond memory that WE SURVIVED! First steps, first words, dentist appointment, get oil changed, and of course FIRST TIME SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!

What would seem to be a very sad occurrence GASP! AN EMPTY STORK BAG; has turned into my dream come true. At long last I have found the perfect whereabouts for baby keepsakes.   A bridging of both journeys if you will, pregnancy warmth evolves to childhood reflections.

So here are my TOP TEN. You may notice the hospital bracelets aren’t included because I still plan on putting those in a clear Christmas ornament I’ll decorate to hang on the tree each year, perhaps when my daughter goes off to college I’ll get around to that one. Ho ho ho!

  1. Hospital hat (Although it’s not the super cute one currently offered in the TSB Post Bump Bag!)
  2. Congrats cards for me & Dad
  3. Baptism candle and bib
  4. 1st birthday candle
  5. A little box with 1st curl from 1st haircut
  6. 1st toothbrush
  7. 1st Birthday cards and 2nd – 5th birthday cards too hehe.
  8. Baby’s 1st Christmas stocking
  9. 1st pair of cute booties
  10. My pregnancy journal and notes written to my 1st born.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy looking through this bag throughout the years, adding more and taking a trip down memory lane. One day passing it along when I join the ranks and become a Grandmother. Until then, I hold my treasures close to my heart. Thank you Stork Bag, the gift that keeps on giving!

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Potty Training Tips

The Stork Bag - Potty Training Tips

As first time parents, you are probably wondering how can you get your little one to use the bathroom on their own. Well, check out some of the tips we have to get the ball rolling and to gradually work your toddler up to the stage of being comfortable enough to use the bathroom on their own.

  1. Buy a potty chair that’s fun and interesting for your little one. (try one with their favorite character)
  2. Try placing the chair in a room where your child spends most of their time (it doesn’t have to be placed in the bathroom)
  3. Practice by getting your little one comfortable with their chair. Let him/her sit on it with their clothes on and then without.
  4. Whenever your toddler has a bowel movement in the diaper, let them see you dump it out into the potty. This helps them learn where it should go.
  5. Allow your little one to join you in the bathroom to watch you go. This also helps them grasp the concept of going.
  6. Last, but not least… have some patience, as parents we hope that one day when we are ready and feel like it’s time for our little ones to take that big step and potty on their own, they should. Well, not quite! But in no time, they will have it down pack.
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What To Feed A Picky Eater

The Stork Bag - What To Feed A Picky Eater

***this article from our archives was contributed by The stork Bag’s founder, Ericka Perry***

Have a picky eater on your hands? Well, you’re not alone! Many parents struggle with trying to find things for their toddlers to eat. For a long time I drove myself crazy spending lots and lots of money buying and trying things that I thought all kids would love… boy was I wrong! T hen one day I decided to try some different foods, and so i wanted to share them with you today:

1. Frozen waffles (these also come in the mini’s which is a great size for kids!)

2. A good old Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

3. Chicken cut into little pieces

4. Yogurt

5. Cereal

6. Fruits (Bananas, Strawberries, Peaches, and Oranges are the typical kid favourites)

7. Applesauce (Served as a snack)

8. Corn (Served as a snack)

9. Cucumbers (served as a snack)

These are just some of the different foods that toddlers love, but don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and add some of your own!

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5 Women Who Made History

The Stork Bag - 5 Women Who Made History!

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, today we would like to acknowledge 5 women who made history!  

  1. Madam C.J. Walker aka Sarah Breedlove: Madam Walker was an African-American entrepreneur and made history as the 1st American woman to become a self-made millionaire. She died in 1919 but paved the way for many other women to follow.
  2. Oprah Winfrey: Many of you have probably never heard of her (a little sarcasm is good sometimes), Oprah Winfrey is an American businesswoman, actress, producer, philanthropist, media proprietor and the list goes on.  Ms. Winfrey made history as the first African-American woman billionaire and continues to inspire others through her works and service.
  3.  Lucille Ball: Lucille Ball is most widely known for staring in one of the most iconic American sitcoms, I Love Lucy in the 50’s. Lucille Ball also made history as the first American woman to run a major television production studio, Desilu Productions. She died in 1989 but her legacy continues to inspire.
  4. Ursula Burns: Mrs. Burns was the CEO of Xerox for almost a decade and made history as the first African-American woman to head a fortune 500 company. Mrs. Burns now serves as a Chairman of Xerox and continues to motivate other business women through her service and examples.
  5. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune: Dr. Bethune was an American educator, philanthropist and humanitarian. Dr. Bethune made history by establishing a private school for African-American children, which would later become a University known today as Bethune-Cookman University. In 1973, Dr. Bethune was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Her legacy continues to inspire and her vision for students to “Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.” continues to be implemented at the great, Bethune-Cookman University today.

The Stork Bag was founded in 2014 by Ericka Perry, a wife and mother of 3 who has a deep passion for women and mothers. Each time you shop with us, you are contributing to a dream and a long-standing history of woman entrepreneurship. Thank you for supporting a woman-owned/woman-ran business!

Happy Women’s History Month 2017!